Highly qualified PrepMD faculty designed this course to help you test your knowledge in Cardiac Electrophysiology in preparation for the IBHRE® CEPS exam. Assess core competencies of cardiac EP as applied to your role with cardiac arrhythmias, ablation, and electrophysiology studies.

  • 200+ advanced test questions with detailed explanations and links to additional resources

  • Questions ranging from areas of fundamental understanding to concepts requiring analysis of multiple factors.

  • Test taking tips and advice on how best to utilize your study and testing time

  • Bonus: Videos with reviews of basic electrophysiology concepts

Course curriculum

    1. Invasive EP (13%): Baseline Assessments, Methods of Recording/Evaluation, Stim Protocols, ECG Morphology during Pacing, Eval of Arrhythmia

    2. Basic EP (13%): Anatomy of Conduction System, Action Potential, Abnormalities, Mechanisms of Arrhythmias

    3. Clinical EP (10%): Assessment, Evaluation of Arrhythmia, Indications, Contraindications for EP Study

    4. Mapping Techniques (10%): Indications, Procedural Considerations, Methods, Novel Mapping Techniques

    5. Electrocardiography (8%): Normal ECG, TEE, Recognition of Arrhythmia, ECG Abnormalities, Recognition of Paced ECG's

    6. Clinical Assessment (8%): History, Cardiac Physical Exam, Noninvasive Dx Tests and Eval, Inherited Syndromes and Channelopathies

    7. Therapeutic Modalities (6%): Pharmacotherapy, Device Therapy, Catheter Ablation, Surgical Therapy

    8. Implantable Devices (6%): Pacemaker Modes, Timing Cycles, Indications for Devices, Device Based Testing, Implant Troubleshooting, Recognition of Device Problems, EMI, MRI, Remote Monitoring, Lead Extraction, Implant Techniques

    9. Radiology (5%): Interpretation of Implanted Devices, Clinical Symptoms/ Diagnosis and Catheter Positions

    10. Lab Procedure (5%): Lab Supplies, Patient Prep, Cath Techniques, Recording Techniques, Risks and Complications, Informed Consent

    11. Safety (5%): Infection Control, Sterile Technique, Radiation Safety, Electrical Safety, Drug Interactions, Device Interactions, Recalls

    12. Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology (4%): Anatomy, Hemodynamics

    13. Fundamentals of Electronics (2%): Units of Measurement, Relationships of Measurements, Signal Concepts, Electronic Circuitry, Filter Settings

    14. Pharmacology (2%): Types of drugs, CV responses, Phamacokinetics

    15. Conscious Sedation (2%): IV Sedation in EP Lab

    16. Research Methodology and Interpretation (1%)

    1. Intro to EGMs of the EP Study

    2. EP Study Interval Measurements

    3. Programmed Electrical Stimulation (PES)

    4. Refractory Periods

    5. Pharma

    6. SVT Differentials

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About this course

  • $349.00
  • 27 lessons

Course Lead

Director of Training and Education Kate Miller, CCDS, CEPS

Kate is dual-certificated IBHRE® CCDS and CEPS. As a field clinical specialist for Biotronik, Kate covered major medical centers across New England, trained new employees, and managed her team’s daily schedule. Kate holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane University and is a former PrepMD student and Academic Achievement Award winner. Her BME and PrepMD education combined with her industry field clinical specialist experience provide an insightful perspective on launching a successful career in the medical device industry.

Supporting Faculty

Over 250 years combined health care and medical device company experience

Greg Lisi, CCDS, CEPS

Executive VP of Operations, Program Director

Harvard University, U.S. Army
Greg has over 18 years of experience in Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) arena. As a Regional Manager with Boston Scientific, he hired and trained a team of sales and clinical representatives while maintaining his own business. He has mentored and developed both sales and clinical reps as they have begun their own careers. Prior to industry, Greg served as a Military Intelligence Officer with the U.S. Army. During eight years of active duty, he served in a variety of key leadership, strategic planning and operations roles. He has extensive experience in planning, directing, and supervising sophisticated training in complex and fast-moving environments.

Susan Stamatis, RN, BSN, CCDS

Clinical Applications Manager, Trainer

Salve Regina University
Susan has a combined 39 years in cardiology doing a variety of clinical roles such as Assistant Nurse Manager of a Coronary Care Unit and Department Manager in a Device Clinic overseeing the care of 1000+ patients with pacemakers and defibrillators. She also has 25 years of experience in the Cardiac Device Industry working for companies such a Datascope (Maquet) and Boston Scientific. She began her medical device career as a clinical specialist, and was promoted to clinical regional manger and sales representative roles. She is uniquely qualified to teach PrepMD students clinical as well a technical applications of CRM therapy.

Kate Miller, CCDS, CEPS

Director of Training and Education, Trainer

Tulane University
Kate is dual-certificated IBHRE® CCDS and CEPS. As a clinical specialist for Biotronik, Kate covered major medical centers across New England, trained new employees, and managed her team’s daily schedule. Kate has a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering. She is also a former PrepMD student and Academic Achievement Award winner. Her time at PrepMD combined with her experiences in the field give Kate a unique perspective on how to begin a career in the medical device industry.

Matt Wilson, CCDS

VP of Operations (PrepMD RMS), Trainer

West Point Military Academy
Matt brings 10 years of experience in the Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) industry to his role at PrepMD. As an IBHRE®-Certified Cardiac Device Specialist (CCDS) senior sales representative with Boston Scientific, he managed a successful sales team in the New York City area. Matt is the Director of PrepMD’s contract staffing services division while managing the placement activities and coaching PrepMD students from a professional development standpoint. Prior to industry, Matt served as a Captain in the U.S. Army. He trained and led infantry units while deployed to Iraq, responsible for planning and coordinating joint coalition combat missions.

Fran Moriarty

Director of Global Marketing (PrepMD RMS), Trainer

University of Vermont, Saint Anselm College
Fran has over 8 years of Cardiac Rhythm Management and Electrophysiology medical device industry experience. He has held clinical engineering, sales, and territory management roles with companies such as Boston Scientific, Biotronik, and CardioFocus. His responsibilities included business development, key account management, product commercialization, and clinical trial operations, in addition to covering thousands of cardiac procedures and device clinics. A former student at PrepMD, Fran brings special insight to his role developing new product offerings and shaping marketing strategies.

Amanda Salmon, CCDS

Manager, Device Applications and Industry Placements, Trainer

Amanda is certified IBHRE® CCDS. As a CRM field clinical representative for Boston Scientific, Amanda worked at academic hospitals in Connecticut, trained new employees and held in-services for fellows. Amanda holds a Bachelor of Science with a focus in Education and is a former PrepMD student. She has two years of professional teaching experience abroad in South Korea where she created a new curriculum that fit the needs of the school and students. Her combined years of teaching and industry field experience leads her drive to work closely with industry and students to grow in the medical device industry.

Kyle Graesser

Education Development Associate

Kyle holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane University. He is a graduate of the PrepMD Core Program and Academic Achievement Award winner. The combination of Kyle’s BME and PrepMD education provide keen insight for his role in the design and development of online learning content for the PrepMD Passport Series product launch. Kyle plays a major role during the hands-on workshops at the PrepMD's award-winning training facility.

Katie Reddy

Corporate Sales Executive, Trainer

University of Connecticut
Katie has 14 years of medical device industry experience in clinical, sales, marketing and management roles for Meditech, Eli Lilly and Boston Scientific. Katie played a key national and international role in the clinical training and commercial launch of the first FDA approved Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device. As a Territory Manager with Boston Scientific, Katie helped launch a new Left Atrial Appendage Closure program in over 30 hospitals across the Northeast. As a Principal Product Marketing Manager with Boston Scientific, Katie introduced digital health solutions to hospitals nationwide.

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